How Long Will These Windows Last?

Lots of homeowners do research before going into their own project with a contractor. What they won’t realize is how complicated the process really is when it comes to replacing windows. For instance, there’s tons of materials to choose from, such as wood, composite, fiberglass, metal, and vinyl. Then comes the technical features and NFRC standards dealing with energy efficiency standards.

how long do windows last

Most people don’t know how to shop for windows. It’s important to obtain enough information to formulate a good decision.

What Does Window Failure Mean?

A common question new home owners may inquire, how long does a new window last? Vinyl may have an answer to this question, as it’s the market leader. The life span varies, with many sources saying 15 to 20, some say 25 to 40 years. Replacing windows are expensive, which is why companies sell in partial units, making window failure a killer as it can happen prematurely.

When a vinyl fails, it warps or bends, mostly occurring in hot climates or the hardware snaps. Wood has more issues, as moisture can readily enter. When something goes wrong with vinyl, it doesn’t function like it should. The seal fails and moisture occurs between glass panels, or the window does not become a good barrier to wind and water.

About Warranties

It can be tough knowing your window may need to replaced in 15 years. Depending on certain conditions, such as extreme heat, there are two variables that must be considered – quality and installation. A warranty can be reassuring, but most do not read the fine print.

Homeowners won’t need to be reassured of quality of windows, as the manufacturer information is available online. Despite a good quality window, if the window is installed improperly, it is no use. Make sure when installing a window, it’s by a certified installer and trained by the manufacturer.

No Games, No Gimmicks

Many manufacturers are now offering extensive warranties in the last decade. It can be difficult, especially with the lifespan of a vinyl window.

Most companies offer a new product supply if a product fails, but who will install it? Companies offer 1 year warranties on their installation, but the question still remains, what would happen after that time is up? This is why manufacturers are now offering generous warranties, as much a lifetime.

Specialists feel because certain occurrences are rare, such as a baseball through a window, they will offer installation and a new window within their lifetime warranty. It’s to give homeowners confidence in their new window and relieve stress, as replacing windows is a huge investment on their home.

Depending on what has happened to the window, companies will pull up the homeowners file that will give them information on the type of window and installation information. No matter how small or big the problem, specialists are readily available to fix problems at no additional costs with extensive warranties.