About Historic Window Works Chicago

There’s a rich history to Historic Window Works, as you might assume from our name. It all began about 20 years ago when a few of us on our block looked at our houses and said, “Man, these windows are really putting a damper on our homes’ curb appeal.” Why did we care so much? Well, we lived in a historic district so the homes were older and many still had the original windows – some over 100 years old!

We noticed some of the other homes on the block upgrade their windows and some of the houses looked great and some of the houses looked not so great. So, we went around and asked the homeowners what they did so we could get some real solid information going and then set up a plan for everyone else in their footsteps on how to correctly restore their old windows on a historic home.

After a couple years, we were giving our neighborhood and other local neighborhood advice and people seemed to love it. So, we thought why not take it online so everyone can get in on the scoop and restore their historic home’s windows. Enjoy!